“Mommy Tried, Mommy Did It” — What Got Me Through 2020

Starting several months ago, every time I achieved a rather difficult toddler task I was asked to do ... my little guy would begin clapping and say, “Mommy tried, Mommy did it.” Of course, this is the kind of affirmation that he receives and all children need in order to grow into confident human beings. But it ends up that it is also the affirmation that I — and all of us parents — needed this year, as well.

What Do We Do Now? We Love — More Than Ever

I woke up on January 21, after nearly three long and devastating post-election months, with a renewed sense of purpose. I brushed my teeth, showered, grabbed my signs, and hit the New York City streets with old friends as if I were about to conquer the world. Because in a small way I thought I was.…