About Me

NYC writer. Editor. Adjunct professor. West Village local. Avid traveler. Music, art, dance lover. Lit nerd. Currently living the freelance life while tackling the most rewarding role yet — mom (aka. the most wonderful and amazing descriptor I’ve ever … or will ever … have).

I graduated as an English major from Cornell and received my masters in journalism from New York University. As a print magazine veteran, I now spend much of my professional time writing and editing in the online world. Check out some of my clips … on everything from wellness and health to parenting, politics, and pop culture.

~Barbara Kimberly Seigel


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How to celebrate Purim with kids: 9 fun ideas for the festive spring holiday

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5 Tips to Make Your Kids Even Healthier, Courtesy of FLOTUS Michelle Obama

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5 Reasons Bernie Sanders Was the Real Winner of the Iowa Caucus

Poll Shows All the Cool Girls Are #TeamBernie


5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Reduce Stress

Cindy Crawford: I Want to Help Cancer Patients Maintain a Sense of Normalcy

Mariska Hargitay: How Olivia Benson Inspired Me to Help Victims of Abuse

B. Smith on Living With Alzheimer’s: ‘I Am Fighting Right Now’

Filmmaker Jessie Kahnweiler Takes Ownership of Her Eating Disorder

Learn How 2 Sisters Found Body Confidence in 2 Very Different Ways

NY Daily News

Restoration Shines on Sun Sculpture

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